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This is the practical operator guide for progressing NFV and is being rolled out between April and October 2017 in the form of individual 10-minute briefing reports. Authors include leading analysts at ABI Research, IHS, and Strategy Analytics as well as field experts at Openwave.

Topics include lessons from NFV trials, top use cases for NFV, and reviews of NFV platforms, as well as business perspectives and top level views of the state of play. Each report takes less than 10 minutes to read. Here's the first two:

  •  The Real State of NFV - The Big Picture

Provides a top down view of what's really happening with NFV rollouts. This exclusive report was commissioned from experts at ABI Research. It includes the impacts of 5G, NFV deployment models, and current state of roll-outs.

  •  The Real State of NFV - View from the Coalface

An alternative view of NFV rollout from practitioners working within mobile operators. Includes six key observations from vendor lock-in to financial mis-alignment. Learn the lessons others have learnt the hard way!

Accompanying the NFV Playbook

The Practical Operator Guide to Progressing NFV: half day workshop covering NFV strategy and field execution.

Complimentary and exclusive to mobile operators, the workshop includes a stream for Traffic Management and a stream for Subscriber Data Management.

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