6 lessons for mobile operators moving to NFV

This briefing paper is a MUST read. It is based solely on hands-on observations made by staff when deploying NFV solutions in mobile operators in the past 12 months. It is down to earth and free of industry jargon. It complements the “top down” industry view provided recently and is not available anywhere else.

  • "We now have an NFV ready environment!” is a necessary, but not sufficient, condition on the journey to virtualization - find out why.
  • For an industry opposed to vendor lock-in and silos, operators are moving quickly to the exact situation they are trying to escape - don't make this mistake!
  • Over several NFV deployments and trials, we have noticed that agility and innovation have seemingly left the room - is NFV ultimately undoing the problem it set out to solve?

In our next 10 minute brief "Top 6 Use Cass for NFV", industry veteran Sue Rudd from Strategy Analytics summarises the real problems NFV is solving today. Register once to get the whole series. Reports available to mobile operators only.

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This report is one in a series of briefings which build into The NFV Playbook 2017. The Playbook is THE practical operator guide for progressing NFV in 2017 and include an industry overview, top use cases for NFV, reviews of NFV platforms and more.

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