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Find out how 40+ global operators are addressing 5G architectures, Edge deployments and the Network Data Layer

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An Exclusive New Survey for Mobile Operators 

While marketers and advertisers are promoting 5G and its capabilities, it’s easy to forget the reality facing network operators.  

Not only are they tasked with deploying 5G networks – a massive undertaking in itself – but they also have to ensure that existing services interoperate smoothly as 5G networks deliver on their promise to provide a long-term, substantial return on investment (ROI).  

Some of the key decisions to be taken along the way include when to deply a Standalone (SA) 5G architecture and, crucially, whether current and 5G data will continue to be managed in vendor unique silos or via a Network Data Layer that supports multi-vendor service components.  

This report will explain how 40+ operators are planning for these challenges.

Survey will be published on March 25, 2020

You will find out: 

  • Operators' timeline for deploying a 5G Standalone core 
  • Their plans for Edge deployments 
  • Their intentions for a Network Data Layer for 5G data management  

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