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15 minute "Microcasts" for mobile operators by the Mobile Video Industry Council

Join the discussion with the brightest minds from the Mobile Video Industry Council, leading technology providers, industry analysts, and the media

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Be part of the industry's first ever 15 minute Microcasts and gain exclusive insights into the real issues impacting mobile networks. Each 15 minute Microcast includes well known industry luminaries and can be watched live or downloaded to watch on the go AND each episode will be podcasted within hours.

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Cloud Gaming in 2020  

  • HEAR how new cross-platform cloud gaming will impact your network
  • LEARN the business models and monetisation opportunities
  • FIND OUT the steps you can take to manage mobile gaming QoE 

Worldwide Mobile Operator Rankings

  • HEAR the challenges operators face - what do these rankings actually mean?
  • LEARN about the models to standardize network performance, metrics, and methodologies
  • FIND OUT what steps you can take to boost your ranking

5G Cloud Data Management strategies - global survey

  • HEAR how other operators view 5G standalone and edge strategies
  • LEARN the strategies to succcessful mobile edge and common data layer deployment
  • FIND OUT why some operators are better prepared to manage 5G cloud data globally

Secrets to Managing RAN Congestion 

  • HEAR the latest network trends impacting the RAN and why 5G is not the panacea
  • LEARN what metrics successful operators use to monitor RAN congestion
  • FIND OUT why some RAN networks have failed - and how you can address RAN congestion

What Consumers REALLY want from 5G - global survey

  • HEAR what media services and use cases consumers really want from 5G streaming
  • LEARN what services European and North American consumers will subscribe to 
  • FIND OUT the drivers and price points to encourage subscribers to switch plans

The State of Mobile video in 2020 - live data, worldwide 

  • HEAR how and why video will make up over 90% of 5G traffic
  • LEARN about the global trends in video resolution, encryption, and viewing habits
  • FIND OUT how these trends will impact your network in 2020 - can you protect your network from the video onslaught?

What operators need to know - in 15 minutes

Bitesize thought leadership brought to you by the Mobile Video Industry Council in conjunction with ENEA Openwave 

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