Mobile Video Index

Third edition - 2019 Global data from mobile networks plus discussion with mobile operators & industry analysts


Find out what is really happening with mobile video on 4G today, and 5G tomorrow

Welcome to the third edition of the Mobile Video Index. This MVI is once again based on live data from more than 30 mobile operators around the globe and includes discussion and debate from the Mobile Video Industry Council.

After all the hype, 5G is finally being trialed and 2019 saw the first commercial deployments become a reality. This edition of the MVI has a special focus on exactly how 5G will impact mobile video. It also draws on key findings from the inaugural Mobile Video Industry Council where 5G was an overarching theme.

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 Highlights from this edition include: 

  • 360-degree view of the current state of mobile video. Examines the real reasons behind the growth of mobile video, the unpredictability of traffic patterns, and a fresh look at Quality of Experience
  • ABI Research and Analysys Mason, who chaired roundtables at the Council, share their expert views on Why 5G is not just another “G"
  • Hulu and BT Sport provide their views on the future for video on mobile networks in a special OTT focus chapter Includes how operators are partnering with OTTs - what kinds of partnership are working well.

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The Mobile Video Index

Discussion is based on data obtained from ENEA Openwave Mobility Traffic Management Solutions running in-network globally. The MVI includes views by experts from ABI Research and Analysys Mason and discussion from the Mobile Video Industry Council.

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