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Subscriber Data Management - the book

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Get your Subscriber Data Management ready for NFV, IoT and OTT

Huge changes are happening to the mobile operator business. Network virtualization is re-writing the rules of how you interact with your network; the Internet of Things will transform how we communicate; and juggernaut OTTs are monetizing your subscribers. And it's all happening at once.

Subscriber Data Management underpins your success 

Underpinning everything is the digital identity of your subscribers - the un-hyped crown jewels of your business model. You can no longer afford for SDM to be a barely understood backroom technology if you are to navigate the paradigm shifts of virtualization, IoT and the OTT ecosystem. 

When massive changes are happening, information really is power 

We created New Perspectives in SDM to help operators manage the triple threat / opportunity of NFV, IoT and OTT. ENEA Openwave is a proven SDM and digital identity company. We have successfully deployed SDM solutions for operators globally including the world’s largest UDR deployment.

Added bonus!

  •  Get a copy of SDM Success Stories - Three Tier-1 operators with very different networks, and extremely complex SDM issues, and how they overcame these
  •  Optionally a free half day SDM workshop with industry SDM and Mobile Identity experts from ENEA Openwave 
  •  Both included with your new e-book
SDM case studies
"This E-Book will help you unlock  the incredible assets,
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Access the free e-book and get ready to build a solid foundation to deal with the triple threats/opportunities of NFV, IoT and OTT. And secure a free one-on-one workshop with subscriber identity experts from ENEA Openwave . 

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